2020: A Celebration of History & Our Community


This year Santa Fe Dry Goods celebrated 30 years on the corner of the Historic Plaza in Santa Fe. On this New Year’s Eve, we thought we would stop for a moment to celebrate this large milestone and thank you for encouraging and being with us along the way. The outcome of your support is a large community of thousands of clients, hundreds of vendors and their teams, and all of us here at the stores who are knit together by this pursuit of meaningful and beautiful things from all over the world. These “things” bring out our personality, define our sense of home and place, allow us to explore the world in different ways and, most importantly, forge a bond between all.

Since 1912, the Catron Building has housed only three stores, all dedicated to fashion and accessories. In the early days, Johanna Ulfelder would travel to New York City by train with big suitcases and have items made for the store while she waited to take them home to Santa Fe. They were prized items that met Johanna’s mantra of “no dress alike.” The second generation of the family went West seeking the more modern and easy fashions coming out of Los Angeles. Greig and Helga Porter, the next owners and founders of Santa Fe Dry Goods, traveled to South America and Europe in search of the special goods in demand by the art collecting clientele of Santa Fe in the 80s, 90s and 2000’s.

Today, as Santa Fe Dry Goods, Workshop and Wild Life, we look forward to the new year and the next decade. We know the adventurous, free-thinking spirit of our clients will require us to move forward boldly in pursuit of gorgeous products made in the most ethical of ways. The humanity and economic viability of the makers must be fully supported. We have already discovered the success of all in the community is completely intertwined. This next decade brings a focus on a much tighter connection and interaction with people worldwide to create what is special and has soul. An evolving eye with a sense of freedom and responsibility will be our core focus.

We look forward to sharing our latest efforts toward these goals in the new year. To all, a wonderful New Year.


Shobhan, Jessie, Lisa, Alexis, Annie, Carissa, Carolence, Chantal, Christhany, Cindy, Darby, Darnell, Dillon, Fernando, Gail, Jacquie, Jena, Jesica, Jill, Kevin, Lauren, Lou, Louie, Meredith, Michele, Miranda, Mona, Nika, Noelle, Pele, Phat, Rebekah, Sabine, Shawna, Sofia, Sydney, Tim, Tina, Ysidro

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