A pear-shaped form, also referred to as a triangular form, is typically defined by hips and thighs wider than the shoulders and bust, and a defined waist that is narrower than the hips. In search of balance, it is often recommended for this shape to choose silhouettes that accentuate the top half and defined waist. Bold, bright prints and colors encouraged here to draw the eye.


A rectangle shape, also often referred to as straight or athletic, is defined by shoulders, waist and hips in uniform proportion. This is a versatile body type, becoming the blank canvas for what shape you ultimately want to create within an outfit – such as a top that accentuates your upper body and gives shape to your waist, or a longline dress to underscore the appearance of a slim frame.


An hourglass shape is defined by shoulders and hips that are about equal width, with a defined waist. This shape tends to go hand in hand with larger measurements in the hips and bust, and is recommended to dress with highlighting the waist in mind. Structured and fitted pieces tend to work best with this shape, often paired with a wide-leg for balance and comfort.


An apple shape, often referred to as a circular or round shape, is defined by uniformity across the shoulder, hip and waist measurements, with the shoulders and hips measuring slightly narrower and an undefined waistline. Often it is paired with a larger bust, and is recommended to style with tops that accentuate the shoulders and neckline and straight or wide-leg pants to balance the curvy silhouette.

Inverted Triangle body Shape

The inverted triangle shape is defined by shoulders that are the broadest measurements of the body. It is often paired with a larger bust and narrow hips and waist. Here, it is recommended to dress in a way that accentuates your neckline and adds volume near the hips to balance out the frame.


While not a traditional form in terms of body shapes, we wanted to highlight a few pieces that work well with a petite frame, as Gilda’s works so often skew oversized and joyfully voluminous. Here, her Trapeze, Blind and Monoprix styles take the lead: featuring slimmer cuts and streamlined silhouettes.

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