Yasuko Azuma: The Distinctive Diamond

No other gemstone has captured our imagination quite like the diamond.

Yasuko Azuma

When of a high clarity, they glitter with an unmatched magnitude, while opalescent and inclusive varieties offer a delightfully mysterious personality.

It’s no wonder the diamond’s most familiar place is in a wedding band – a promise of forever in a stone that will last just as long.

In the hands of Yasuko Azuma, the diamond is transformed to its most earthy and delicate state.

Yasuko Azuma

Yasuko’s jewelry focuses on the telluric combination of handworked 18K gold and unusual precious gems, such as grey diamonds and untreated Akoya pearls. Prized for their character and inclusions, earth toned stones are central to her collection.

Harnessing her sophisticated and organic design sense, she transforms classic jewelry silhouettes, such as the teardrop hoop, into modern, feminine pieces ideal for both gifting to someone loved or enjoying all for yourself.

Yasuko Azuma
Yasuko Azuma

Yasuko Azuma’s career in design is revealed with each hand-forged piece – even the smallest details, such as the lightly hammered bars of a necklace chain or the perfect round diamonds that accent a central square cut stone, are well considered within her collection.

She delicately finishes her gold in a unique “diamond dust” texture – an effect intended to mimic the glimmering crust of past fallen snow.

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