Why Wear a Hat: Horisaki Design & Handel

What does a small Swedish workshop in Småland have to do with fashionable practicality and the search for the inner self?

Images via Horisaki Design & Handel

Though on the surface these disparate topics seem to lack connection, they all converge at the meeting place of headwear and how it can define one’s sense of fashion.

Similar to footwear, hats come in such a large variety of styles, shapes, colors and characteristics that they have the ability to define the personality and values of the wearer sometimes more than clothing can.

Headwear can provide a defense to one’s vulnerabilities, acting as a literal or metaphorical shield by guarding the wearer from the elements or by granting an air of confidence.

A head covering can gift comfort like a blanket or can serve as a simple fix to wardrobe styling by hiding messy hair or elevating the aesthetics of an outfit.

A hat can connect a person to their core personality, reinforcing the elegance of the sophisticated, the nonchalance of the casual, the utility of the practical and the simplicity of the straightforward.

Tying all this back to a small Swedish workshop in Småland, this is why we carry the handmade headpieces of Horsaki Design and Handel.

Run by husband and wife duo Karin and Makoto Horisaki, the two run their charming millinery by fusing Japanese and Swedish design influences while shaping, sewing, brushing and burning leather and suede to form their headwear that is rich in unique character.

The handmade quality of their work demonstrates their respect for materials and exudes a timelessness thanks to the blending of classic and modern techniques.

These handcrafted, detail-oriented qualities inherently honor the principles of slow fashion by their skilled team producing long lasting, artisanal headwear that takes advantage of experimental, sustainable practices such as tinting their pieces with natural elements.

We not only support Karin and Makoto because they are talented designers, but also because they are simply great people and authentic business owners.

For over a decade, they have crafted sharp, storied pieces capable of refining, solidifying and enhancing not only a wearer’s outfit, but their personality and the way they exist in the world.

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.”

—Iris Apfel

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