Trippen’s Philosophy: Handle with Care

Trippen reminds us each day — with the shoes on our feet — that the Earth should be handled with care.

And so, it was only natural that designers Claudia and Michael would develop the Spring Collection exploring the architecture and meaning of a greenhouse. There is no irony as Earth Day approaches…

The symbolism of a greenhouse was tied masterfully into other elements of the collection. A myriad of slides was introduced for those slipping into something easy for a walk to the potting shed or out into the garden.

Trellis-like designs revealed themselves in the Emerge Wooden Wedge and the Knotty Sandal. Rectangular window pane-like shapes influenced many silhouettes from Rescue in red, shown below, to the dramatic heel structure of Stand — just as we collectively work to take a stand for the environment. Even their new color choices for the season coincide with fashion’s trend to Go Green, both literally and figuratively!

Producing with the Earth in mind is central to Trippen’s philosophy and design process. Each pair is made with environmentally-friendly vegetable dyes and can be resoled multiple times during its long lifespan. Claudia and Michael continue to develop vegan and biodegradable styles. They use solar power and adhere to the “buy less and buy better” mantra. Most of all, they encourage all of us to Handle the Earth with Care.

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