The Wild Garden

The allure of red is hard to put a name to — within its hue, find equal parts passion, adventure and sensitivity.

 Like a dram of aged wine — that shares its color — red tickles the senses and winks to possibilities hidden in its depths. In this palette, we find not only the inspiration of Avant Toi, (and designer Mirko Ghignone’s penchant for rich color) but also that of Alasdair Cameron, a British landscape designer known for his exuberant, naturalistic gardens.

Pollinator Garden by Alasdair Cameron; Photographed by Clive Nichols

Alisdair’s gardens feel alive, thrumming with energy and what he refers to as “a fresh perspective” on outdoor living. His designs alight with color and shape, working in harmony with the existing surroundings.

Red, a favorite and passionate hue, provides contrast and verve within Alisdair’s work. We discover it elsewhere — in a touch of organic dye across cashmere and silk and the smooth leather of a Corîu handbag — and are immediately drawn to it’s verve.

Rose Garden by Alistair W Baldwin; Photographed by Clive Nichols

Even in its more subdued and royal cousin, violet, the passion of red rings true. Wearing it makes us feel simultaneously powerful and feminine, eye-catching and elegant, thoughtful and totally spontaneous. When layered together, in a panache of florals and summer knits, it’s as if we’ve donned the wild garden itself.

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