The Watery Blues of Rundholz Black Label

Scala dei Turchi is a chalky white cliff formation between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle.

The cliffs’ quartz and shell composite calls to mind the gauzy textures of Spring linens while the Mediterranean teal waters invite intrepid visitors for a swim.

In Carsten Rundholz’s Black Label collection the Unesco World Heritage site Scala dei Turchi is present in hues of ice and water blue, mixed with milky whites in medium weight linens perfect for summer in Sicily, Seoul, Scandinavia or Santa Fe.

Like the Rundholz collection, the delights of life in Scala dei Turchi are those of simple integrity. The fabrics are substantive and travel worthy. The colors offer the soft coastal tonalities of Scala dei Turchi on a clothesline. Small design elements elevate each piece to something unexpected yet understated — Carsten’s work at its best.

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