The Mosaic Motifs of Jaipur

Mieko Mintz uses the traditional craft of kantha quilting to stitch two cultures together.

Her southern Japanese heritage pairs with the famous Indian textile practice to create singular pieces using fine vintage saris to create kimono-style kantha jackets.

The practice of kantha quilting dates back thousands of years and is thought to have originated in the West Bengal region. Passed down from mother to daughter across rural classes, kantha quilting is known for its running stitch — a simple yet striking method of embroidery. For Mintz, the famous stitch unites the stories of vintage textiles and her sartorial training.

Made by women in a small cooperative in West Bengal, each piece requires up to 5 months to complete. The jackets are reversible and both sides exhibit volume, rich colors and textures. Japanese and Indian cultures meld in Mintz’s contemporary designs.

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