The Longevity of Style

Since 1985, Massimo Palomba has been making leather bags that prove every detail counts.

The studio prizes fine craft for a simple reason: beauty creates joy. From the use of natural vegetable dyes, hand-woven leathers, and custom casted hardware, a timeless style shines through every seam and handle. Each piece becomes a part of the life of its wearer, adding beauty and, most importantly, joy.

Massimo Palomba’s textures take time. Each woven bag can require up to 35 hours of artisan handiwork. The result is masterful. Rich dyes allow for a subtle expression of the high quality leather, so that it moves gently and weathers the test of time. Handmade handles and toggle clasps echo the leathercraft and complement each piece with a subtle accent.

Massimo Palomba continues their play with natural textures with a limited series of cowhide totes. With solid and simple construction and a playful sense of presence, the hair-on hide tote offers a luxurious and beautiful take on the every-day bag. Massimo Palomba executes their ideal and delivers beautiful pieces that bring joy.

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