The House of Lyria: Substance and Structure

In the Tuscan city of Prato, The House of Lyria has operated in the heart of Italy’s textile industry since 2002.

The House of Lyria Throw in Bedroom
Product and Production Images via The House of Lyria

Founded by Riccardo Bruni, the designer creates understated, exceptional home goods by marrying traditional craftsmanship with experimental fabric combinations and looming techniques.

Naming his brand after the Lyria shell, Bruni posited the creativity of his brand to represent the freedom of the ocean.

Image via Monaco Nature Encyclopedia

As a boy, Bruni grew up in his family’s countryside workshop, where a chance meeting with a successful textile designer in his hometown inspired him to explore the possibilities in fabric design.

Bruni approaches his materials with the mind of an artist, taking insights from numerous sources such as his travels, old photography books and memories of his grandparents’ bedding.

This collection of emotions become his designs.

The House of Lyria Pillow and Throw on Sofa

For Bruni, imbuing his creations with sentiment is not only metaphorical, but is also physical. 

Boasting an archive of over 30,000 fabrics, both new and ancient, Lyria’s designs utilize recycled materials and natural fibers such as wool, linen, cashmere and cotton. 

Textile Archive 1
Textile Archive 3
Textile Archive 2
Textile Archive 4

The fabrics are given soft, muted tones by using organic substances in the dyeing process.

Coffee, tea, ashes and leaves paint Lyria’s products in earthy hues.

The House of Lyria Pillow and Throw on Sofa

These practices result in both emotional character and sustainability being inherent in Lyria’s goods, which are furthered by the brand’s eschewal of outsourcing and instead embracing the entire production process.

Production Warehouse
Production Warehouse

The care taken in crafting every piece is apparent in the luxuriously plush feel of a cashmere and jute throw or a cotton velvet pillow.

The House of Lyria Pillow and Throw on Piano

The House of Lyria’s fabrics are not only of the highest quality for any home.

They serve as the source of materials for many luxury brands.

Working with major fashion houses across the world, the collaboration with designers such as Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander and Uma Wang speaks to the tactile richness and attention to detail in Bruni’s work.

Uma Wang Coat made with Lyria Fabric
Image via Uma Wang

From complementing a beautifully furnished room to lining a Paris runway, the fabrics from The House of Lyria serve as a prime example of superior quality and craftsmanship.

The House of Lyria Pillows and Throw on Bed

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