The Handcrafting Traditions of Acquaviva delle Fonti

In each Corîu bag, find the soul of their hometown, Acquaviva delle Fonti.

The label’s distinctly classic designs are informed by centuries of Italian leather craft, and the inherent beauty of goods made slowly. Their latest collection, Mare Nostrvm — a stylization of the Italian for “our sea” — explores the sensory experience of Puglia and Southern Italy — a panache of red earth, fragrant olive groves and the sun-warmed waters of the Mediterranean.

Rich color plays a key role for Corîu. From dark brown to dusky taupe and balmy sienna, the palette sets a tone of stylish, but easy Italian living. Their authentic Tuscan leathers are vegetable tanned — an ancient, sustainable technique that can take up to two months to complete.

The subtle brass details nod to Corîu’s penchant for the sea. The clasp of their Bitta bag is an elegant interpretation of a bollard — a metal cleat used for mooring boats to a dock. The contrast stitching could be a cheeky wink to the bold seams seen in sailmaking.

Corîu’s accessories are pensive, refined and effortlessly classical. Rendered in both smooth and pebbled leather, and a velvet soft suede, their collection is an easy pick for those dreaming of the Italian countryside.

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