Textural Imagination

In all the hustle and bustle of seasonal change, after hot magenta, alluring chartreuse and neon orange have all but sucked us dry, we find ourselves craving the classics.

Simple gold in its most buttery presentation, set against a string of faceted diamonds or milky pearls – a breath of fresh air. In these simple combinations, Greig Porter highlights his penchant for imaginative texture.

The push and pull of organic lines and geometric cuts allows Greig to create striking jewelry that still feels timeless. The tension between curvature and angle is enticing, drawing our attention just a bit closer to each piece.

Greig’s signature may well be his use of alternating delicate gold beads and bars between triplets of glimmering stones. Subtle hints of the jewelry traditions of South Asia are found in his mingling of elements.

Special attention is paid to the way his pieces wear – how a necklace falls is just as textural as the hard cuts of its stones. In Greig’s work, the pieces are fluid and gentle. They rest against the skin – an effortlessness so needed when simplicity calls your name.

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