TAP by Todd & Debra Pownell: Diamonds at Dusk

The shared interest of fine art and design sits at the heart of TAP, a jewelry line conceived by husband and wife duo, Todd and Debra Pownell.

TAP by Todd Pownell

Together, they fuse contemporary diamond presentations with a heritage of classical jewelry-making techniques to create their unique line.

TAP by Todd Pownell

Todd and Debra’s specialty? Reverse-set diamonds, where the usually-hidden pavillion of the stone takes center stage. With the diamond’s crown set into gold, its facets are exposed to light — an effect that creates an unmatched twinkle within each piece.

As mesmerizing as their stones are, the duo’s textured precious metals are somehow even more stunning. Using both 18K gold and oxidized silver, TAP mixes and matches the noble metals to craft pieces that are contemporary, elemental and endlessly layerable.

TAP by Todd Pownell
TAP by Todd Pownell

Within Todd and Debra’s practice, natural inspirations abound.

Pebbled bezels hug the organic curve of a pendant like a drop of water in sand.

Constellations of diamonds nest in a granular-finish silver much like a freshly split geode.

This connection between space, sky and earth is ever-present within the TAP’s designs — one that Todd and Debra describe as a “respect for the innate properties of the [materials they] use.”

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