Summer Denim

Sustainability. Transparency. Green. Buzzwords that speak to the caretaking of our planet crop up everywhere, and for good reason.

It’s true what they say: actions speak louder than words. Closed brings these ideals to life in their sourcing, production, and distribution practices. They share how their earth-conscious choices make a difference during every step of the process — from their hands to yours.

Their specialty line, A Better Blue, takes sustainable style to its apex. Started in 2018, this line of denim uses half the water of conventional cotton, a quarter less energy than conventional production, and produces each pair in the “greenest weaving mill” in Europe.

Craftsmanship and environmental consciousness go hand-in-hand with every pair of Closed jeans, which minimize waste while maximizing sartorial impact. Between organic cotton, low-impact washing techniques and gentle dyeing practices, each piece lives up to its sustainable ideals.

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