Stamperia Bertozzi: The First Blooms of Spring

Stamperia Bertozzi, a rich offering of hand-painted linens and ceramics, distills a century of Italian craft.

Three generations of the Bertozzi family have drawn influence from the land and sea surrounding their studio in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Sunflowers, wild greens, breaking waves, and moss act as the foundation for their humble, yet exquisite collection.

Combining regional history with contemporary sensibilities, Bertozzi’s natural proclivities shine through their work. Solar-powered facilities and naturally-derived, colorfast dyes allow their traditions to thrive in a modernized world. Hand-carved pearwood stamps create lush patterns on linens, while native indigo plants lend their vibrant blue tones. A trademark rust glaze sits atop hand formed Limoges porcelain. The hues of the earth shine through.

Thinking Ahead to Summer

A Bertozzi table combines nature, family, and life well lived. From oceanside to mountainside and everywhere in between, their work speaks of the subtle shapes and colors that form a world worth cherishing.

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