Seeking Modernity

When creating their newest collection, Lucie and Luke Meier, the creative directors behind minimalist powerhouse Jil Sander, asked themselves: What feels modern?

Is it the inclusion of a forward-thinking, eco-friendly textile? Avant-garde silhouettes that break the boundary of shape? While the brand is no stranger to either of these ventures – and has indeed incorporated them into their latest collection – the duo seems to have answered their question with another. Can you feel modern by dressing timelessly?

Despite reading subtle at first blush, the collection is brimming with charisma – oversized cuffs, nipped-in sweaters and sleeves rounded on the bias to give the silhouette a hint of glamour. With a palette ranging from buttercream to black, Luke and Lucie introduce the poised polychrome – shades that can ebb and flow across pastels and brights with ease.

Elegant pearl baubles are presented alongside an artful woven leather tote for a meeting of classic and contemporary. The look is ultimately polished – a hint of high etiquette echoes from the clean, angular silhouettes of their exquisite shirting and tunics – however at no point does the brand sacrifice ease of wear.

The timeless aesthetic is elusive. It stays far away from flash and trend to instead opt for simplicity and elegance. In dressing, we seek this style that feels modern and stays modern – something that Jil Sander does effortlessly. Its core, composed of pieces that blend seamlessly from season to season, won’t be out of place in 5, 10, 25 years… and that is what we call modernity.

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