Rundholz: Final Fall Delivery

Rundholz has consistently been a celebrated brand and avant-garde leader in fashion since its inception in 1993.


Led by Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, the label consists of three separate lines differentiated by focus and offerings.

The creative force of this husband and wife duo produces two collections per year for each line – MainlineDip and Black Label.


Mainline – Artistic Explorations

Rundholz Mainline exemplifies the philosophies associated with the label’s initial launch.

It celebrates nonconformity, while still delivering all the tailoring expertise associated with high design.

Particular to this collection, Carsten focused on painterly ideas as a nod to the artistry and individual expression taking place in fashion.

He created many one-of-a-kind pieces himself adding personality-filled strokes and splatters to classic houndstooth coats and scarves.

Rundholz Dip

Dip – Sportswear with an Edge

Looking to experimental fabric treatments and modern art as inspiration, Rundholz Dip became a reality in 2004 when Carsten explored Japanese dip-dye techniques to innovate Rundholz’s already cutting edge designs.

DIP garments consist of offbeat elements, silhouettes and details borrowed from urban and streetwear styles.

Extended zippers drape down from unconventional pockets and raw edges are intentionally left exposed, adding texture and a non-conformist attitude to each piece.

Rundholz Black Label

Black Label – Casual Femininity

For Rundholz Black Label, easy, casual pieces that are meant for the everyday are the focal point.

For this season, the strength lies in knitwear that plays with textures.

Atypical faux furs, corduroy and unusual drop stitch elements in knitwear manifest in simpler silhouettes.

Pulling from each line or honing in on just one are both valid approaches to creating unique combinations of fabrics and styles to develop an innovative wardrobe.


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