Rundholz: Expressionist Ensembles

With a passion for experimenting with offbeat techniques in treating fabrics and developing designs, the husband and wife duo behind Rundholz has been pushing the boundaries of fashion since 1993.

Producing two collections a year, for each of the three lines within their brand, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz look to a variety of influences finding unique and interesting motifs from which to build innovative ideas.

Haphazard streaks and stains of paint can evoke images of an abstract artist’s canvas or the floors and walls of a well-used studio.

Portrait of Painter Gillian Ayres in her Studio
Gillian Ayres in her Studio by Vogue via Gillian Ayres

However, for Rundholz’s Carsten and Lenka, the multi-colored remains from a painting’s creation serve as inspiration for several pieces in their latest mainline collection.

Abstract Expressionist Painting by David Smith
“Untitled (Arc)” by David Smith

For the fall and winter season of 2022, the designers’ canvases are a classic houndstooth coat along with a light and airy long sleeve top.

Borrowing from the 1990s grunge look, the houndstooth coat resembles the well-worn school uniform of a British student with its neutral palette of grays and loose, oversized fit.

Leaning into the aloof grunge aesthetic, droplets, streaks and smears of paint mark the coat with the casual demeanor of an expressionist’s paint flowing from one brushstroke to the next.

A moldable wire sewn into the collar, placket, hem and pocket flaps of the garment adds a creative touch of complexity, allowing for the bending and shaping of the garment to give it a charismatic, broken-in look.

If the applied paint on this Rundholz coat suggests a minimalist Pollock, the printed pattern of brushstrokes, splotches and splatters on Carsten and Lenka’s long sleeve tops calls Lee Krasner to mind.

Abstract Expressionist Painting by Lee Krasner
“Primary Series Blue Stone” by Lee Krasner

As the underlying color of the fabric gradually transitions from a olivey cream to a cool gray, the red, blue, green and black tones envelope the garment in expressionist marks.

The top’s light, semi-sheer fabric results in versatility when layering or for making a statement when worn by itself.

The painted textures and prints of this Rundholz Mainline collection act as Carsten and Lenka’s nod to the tasteful messiness of grunge, supplying their nonchalant designs with a personality and charm fit for a gallery or museum.

Abstract Expressionist Painting by Lee Krasner
“Untitled” by Lee Krasner

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