Rianna + Nina: It’s All Greek to Me…

Rianna + Nina’s Spring ‘23 presents a menagerie of vibrant textiles and prints.

Exuberantly titled It’s All Greek to Me II, the delivery ushers in iconic silk prints with hints of peacock feathers, sunbursts and coral reefs — a celebration of the joy found in Greek aesthetics. Each piece comes alive with a spirited color palette and flourish of silk.

Inspired by designer Rianna Kounou’s childhood in Athens, the garments beckon us to sun and sand. Designed alongside her co-creator Nina Knaudt, Rianna’s heritage lends authenticity to this collection. Alongside the flowing dresses, tunics and tops is a selection of hand-beaded accessories made from vintage, couture textiles.

An array of hidden details gives the label a distinct and exciting air. Reverse a short kimono jacket and reveal a dramatically different pattern. Peek beneath a sleeve and find a row of delicately hand-embroidered antique linen. By layering disparate prints, a rich tapestry of color and craft are achieved. In every sense of the term, Rianna + Nina present a collection dripping in χαρά (joy)!

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