Prounis Jewelry: The Gold of Antiquity

A legacy of fine objects and art deco artifacts adorned the home where Jean Prounis grew up – a love for collecting bits and pieces of the past woven into the fabric of her family’s identity.

Even before she could comprehend the tomes of Ancient Greco-Roman art that lined the shelves of the family archive, Jean shared in this passion for beautiful objects.

Jean established Prounis jewelry in 2017 as an homage to her ancestry. Each piece is hand-wrought using ancient goldsmithing techniques and responsibly-sourced materials, such as recycled precious metals and handwoven chains.

Even Jean’s choice of gold, 22K, is rooted in antiquity – a karat prized across centuries for its lustre and malleability. Within its buttery polish, she presents an assortment of hand-selected gemstones: aquamarines, tourmalines and diamonds with rich personality and presence.

Ancient Greek and Byzantine jewelry conventions echo from the granulation and treatment of the gold, while the smooth cabochons of her stones speak to the adornment themes of the Roaring 20’s.

Through this signature, history-forward aesthetic, Prounis marries Jean’s love for artifacts with her lifetime fascination with treasured memories and objects.

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