Precious, Playful & Otherworldly

Sequins are both precious and playful. Light dances off of their faceted surface.

Colors sway and spin blurring the lines between tones and hues. Like fireflies at night, their spark flashes only to go dark and mysteriously reappear.

In this one-of-a-kind piece, a vintage silk border sings of a bygone era of glamour and exoticism. A dense forest of sequins in rust, red, olive and gold shimmer in collective harmony while making room for each individual disc to flash with a solo. The result is a modern day camoflauge of the night.

Rianna, who hand picks each fabric in her travels, selected an antique woven European silk jacquard in a latticework of rust brown lines for the interior. It is cool and smooth to the touch. Exquisite.

Art and fashion are inextricably linked. The work of nature photographer and environmental science professor Kei Nomiyama captures the light of fireflies on Japan’s Shikoku Island. In 30-minute long exposures he documents the tiny lights of fireflies in their short two week breadth of life. Mystery, beauty and otherworldliness are captured in his lens, just like the energy and vitality captured in the discs of Rianna’s vintage sequin jacket.

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