Nika & Her Bunnies

Easter and Spring offer a long overdue opportunity to introduce our community to Nika (and her bunnies, Vanilla Bean and Chuck). Good natured, curious and very busy are traits Nika shares with her two rabbits  – along with a devilish love for greens!

Vanilla Bean is a 5 year-old Broken Chocolate Mini Lop with a sweet and calm personality, while Chuck is a 6 year-old Holland Lop who is as feisty and independent as can be. They are an inseparable pair who have been together for 4 years now and enjoy playing in the garden and with their many wicker toys. They free-roam in their home, which is more of a personal bunny estate that the bunnies allow Nika and her partner to live in also.

Nika hails from a very close-knit family of globetrotting filmmakers based in Durango, CO. While her parents’ work took them all over the world, her heart always stayed in the American Southwest – where she now lives with her partner and two bunnies. Though her background is in classical illustration and printmaking, Nika has found an intellectual home in the artistry of fashion and maker culture across the globe. Flexible and always up for a challenge, she learned about everything our business had to offer in the tumult that was 2020. In the new year, she finds herself working in departments across our company – from working with customers in store to answering calls on the web to writing text for our emails.

Shooting the rabbits at the studio was a hoot. They came in for work and joined our team in a pen set up under a web office desk. There, they happily crunched their way through several wooden toys between frequent snoozes. Many water bowls were tipped over in their pursuit for hay and attention. The staff took turns offering them their favorite treats: blueberries, cabbage, broccoli & dill. Truly, from 9-2pm our office was distracted by floppy ears, busy noses and hopping cuteness. During our shoot in the basement studio of Wild Life, our photographer, Tim, sprawled across the floor to get the right angle while the two bunnies hopped across the floor trying to get at even more dill! In the end, they were excellent, curious models and we thank them for taking the time to explore the studio and pose for us! 

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