Avant Toi + Alonpi: Living Lightly

Though cashmere is typically thought of as a cold weather staple, it also has its place in the warm days to come.

A superfine and breathable fabric, the thermoregulatory properties of this natural fibre allow it to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the spring and summer. For Avant Toi and Alonpi, the versatile textile becomes the canvas upon which they present a life lived lightly.

Alonpi has long been heralded as the pinnacle of cashmere innovation – their gauzy scarves in particular are a feat of artistic prowess. Crafted by a small team at the headwaters of the Italian Alps, they have pioneered a dual-printing technique that allows for disparate prints on both faces of the lightweight cashmere for an endless twist of hand-drawn patterns.

Also a marriage of the visual and scientific, Avant Toi is influenced by both the art world and aesthetic research. In addition to hand-painting each and every piece, their team of creatives routinely invents new presentations in cashmere. Liberated knits, felted edges and distressed detailing all make an appearance within this varied line.

When paired together, the cashmere layers of Avant Toi and Alonpi become the most coveted form of dressing – a subtle presentation of artful style. They are not loud, but they can hardly be called quiet. Each piece has its own powerful presence that, somehow, still plays nicely with others. Wrapped in this combination of artistry, levity and color, we take our own step into living lightly.

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