Limited Edition: Péro

The quince flower: a traditional sign of love and unity.

Hundreds of crocheted quince flowers blossom in red, pink, purple, orange, blue, green and lay across this Péro limited edition jacket. Finely beaded stamen in blues and yellows sprout from the flowers’ centers. Each one feels alive and shines with the heart of those artisans who contributed to their craft.

Feminine and playful, this piece conjures whimsey at a garden party and treasures hidden in our own backyards. The combination of subtle and pronounced details creates the same kind of mystery as a blossoming flower. Like a work of art or beautiful vista, its mastery is clear.

This jacket presents a pinnacle of imagination and craft. Péro’s work weaves these values into every stitch, button, and bead. And just as the quince flower bears fruit, Péro delivers the highest expression of their artists’ work.

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