Lika Behar: Exceptional Turquoise

Within Lika Behar’s turquoise jewelry lies the blue-green of a rolling ocean.

Lika Behar

It’s no surprise to find this natural inspiration throughout her collection — the Sea of Marmara hugs the coast of her native Istanbul.

Alongside her turquoise, she features lapis, Australian Opal and diamond in a quartet of earthy delights.

Nestled in 22k gold and oxidized silver, her organic shapes evoke the ancient landscape of Turkey.

Lika Behar

Lika’s turquoise and yellow gold pairing — a combination favored since antiquity — is the foundation upon which she highlights the tension between prehistory and modern sensibility.

Working alongside her small team of artisans within her studio, Lika captures the confluence of Istanbul. It is a city of juxtaposition, influenced by both ancient Greek and Byzantine civilizations. Today, it sits at the contemporary heart of East and West.

Lika Behar

A descendant of gold coin dealers in Turkey, Lika Behar’s lineage is omnipresent in her jewelry. Her precious gems including this Persian turquoise are sourced from reputable dealers who have often worked with her family for generations.

Through time and timelessness, her jewelry links us with a long history of craft, beauty and a celebration of the natural elements that shape our lives.

Lika Behar

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