Happy New Year!

Dear Clients, Friends & Partners,

2022 was all about expanding our world – reestablishing our relationships with vendors shut down during COVID, solidifying our small team of dreamers and doers and reconnecting with our clients and friends who finally returned to Santa Fe this year.

We have many things to be grateful for, but among the most exciting and pertinent is the handful of new designers who joined our offerings across the stores, including Jil Sander, Lemaire, Tenthousandthings, Mallary Marks and Marian Maurer in Santa Fe Dry Goods; Chez Vidalenc, Guidi and Giorgio Brato in Workshop; and Allwina, Ethnico and Totem in Wild Life.

2022 also saw many new faces join our team – brilliantly talented people who brought new depth and experience to our sales, photography and design departments. Much of the imagery you now see on our website now is the result of this expertise – and for that we couldn’t be more grateful.

More than anything, we were so thrilled to see faces new and old back out on the Plaza – to get to learn, dream and laugh with all of you in person again has been the biggest treasure. We cannot thank you enough for your visits. Not only do you motivate us to continue to evolve the world of retail, but your support of the business extends to the many artisans and designers who depend on all of us. Your purchases at the stores allowed us to continue to give back to these communities – a nod to our deeply interconnected world that needs each of our voices and as much action as any of us can provide.

So here is to another year filled with love, light and a lot of laughter.

We will be closed, both in store and online, from Wednesday January 4th to Monday January 9th for a much needed all-staff vacation.

We hope to see you on the Plaza afterward to introduce you to our next evolution.

Best & Happy New Year!

Shobhan, Alex, Becca, Carissa, Carol, Dillon, Elijah, Emily, Fernando, Gabriel, Gail, Grace, Jazmin, Jeffrey, Judy, Lauren, Louie, Maylinda, Meredith, Miranda, Monica, Nika, Noelle, Olha, Pele, Phat, Presley, Sabine, Shannon & Tim

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