Greig Porter: Pink Jewels

There is a perceptible shift in the air when the calendar reaches February 1st.

Greig Porter

It is as we wake up wearing rose-colored glasses – dreary overcast skies are suddenly replaced with chirping birds, glittering snowmelt and sweet afternoons spent with those we love most.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, we’re reaching for that rosy cheer in every form it comes – whether that be coral colored sunsets, a chilled glass of rosé or gorgeous cuts of pink sapphire and burmese ruby.

Greig Porter

One of the most dynamic jewelers within the world of pink is Greig Porter. A Santa Fe designer with a penchant for color, his collections span the breadth of the visible light spectrum wherein he presents a kaleidoscope of richly hued gems set in 18K and 22K gold.

For some pieces, he combines antique Indian beads to create a presentation both captivating and unique. In others, he opts for the classic combination of smooth bezels and pebbled gold for a setting that puts the stones center stage.

Greig Porter

Not limited to royal stones, Greig Porter includes a selection of rhodalite, rubellite and tourmaline gems to round out his collection.

To wear one of his pieces is to connect the self with a history of romance interpreted through the modern lens – and to celebrate pink in all its inspiration.

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