Freedom of Style

For Gilda Midani, the cosmopolitan adventurer’s style is rooted in her intrepid imagination.

As if set free on Morocco’s Legzira Beach, model Bella Tyland — seen here in Gilda’s newest designs — evokes the freedom found in this stunning locale. Streaks of shibori red run down the cotton and linen fabric, echoing the sandstone cliffs that border Legzira’s shores.

Gilda’s easygoing approach culminates in the perfect summer dress. Her joyful color-ways and fluid silhouettes offer not only a freedom of movement, but of spirit. Each piece, hand-dyed by her studio in Brazil, is as poetic as it is undemanding. The garments can be easily styled with espadrilles, bare feet or a Moroccan babouche picked up from the Bazaar in Fez.

Lapima was founded in 2016 by Gisela and Gustavo Assis. Inspired by artistic movements and the organic lines of brazil’s landscapes, the brand’s essence connects luxury and attitude with frames sculpted by hand in Italian materials.

The beauty and romance of Legzira is intensified by its magnitude. Where vast desert meets vast ocean, a sense of possibility echoes from every grain of sand. Surfers, travellers, locals and fishermen commingle here seeking nature’s aesthetic and essential bounty.

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