Faceting a Constellation of Light

At the TAP studio, moments of silent contemplation punctuate the intensity of their forge.

Each piece, carefully considered, demands this of Todd Pownell and his team – their focus, their care and their attention on each and every tap of the hammer into the slight give of 18K gold.

As if plucking stars from the sky, designers Todd and Debra Pownell finish each piece with a sprinkling of delicate, faceted diamonds. Through this painstaking process, the personal constellation is born.

The twinkling of Todd and Debra’s diamonds is amplified by the dozens of tiny facets cut into their surface – light is captured within each stone and reflected through a hundred different points. Strung together, or inverted in a hammered gold bezel, these stones take on a contemporary edge.

Eschewing classical gold settings in their necklaces, Todd and Debra drill tiny holes into each diamond and attach their chains and hoops directly to it. An incredibly hardy gem, diamonds are one of the few stones where this is possible. Though the presentation is delicate, the assembly is strong, and the pieces intended for daily wear.

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