Daniela Gregis: The Warmth of Rossella

For Spring and Summer 2023, Daniela Gregis continues to imbue her personality and identity into her designs. 

Daniela Gregis Rossella

Mimicking family gatherings and dinners where she provides gifts for loved ones and friends, the reds, whites and blacks of the Rossella collection was shown alongside a large table setting complete with a hand-painted tablecloth to match the designs.

To play off this familial, light-hearted energy, we’ve photographed Daniela’s designs against a hand-painted backdrop and table setting, the warmth of smiles and laughs radiating through the studio as we styled the vibrant collection.

Daniela Gregis Rossella
Daniela Gregis Rossella

“…daniela gregis writes, draws, scribbles and phones…for each idea that has come true, another thousand take shape in one studio laboratory that

never limited the concept of creativity…daniela laughs worrie gets angry and has a little present for everyone…friends, relatives, cousins,

children, mothers and perfect strangers exchange roles, interact and shape some always new and entertaining creations creatures…

…through mulberry and silk the worm walks weaving long skirts with care and craftsmanship…the whole dress is a boundless white

wave, embossed with embroidered cream yolks and vanilla pods, almost invisible at first glance…cinnamon, blueberries and citrus peel

mark the hem of the dress, softly reddening the selvedge that caresses the floor…the twirl of the long cloth carries away the scent and warmth

of the yeast, which like pollen reaches every sense…the oven is on…the thread is woven…relentless, the loom keeps spinning the wheat,

one ear at a time…the ochre ribbon of linen fibers, is soaked and varnished in the oil of its own seeds inside a large copper tub and it wraps the

dress as soon as it’s worn…with molds cut out of fowers, the fabric is dusted with coffee powder…fnally, the last seven almonds of september,

tie the tunic on the chest and the wild berries decorate the cuffs and the collar…she wears the white suit and begins her light dance…rossella”

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