Cire Trudon: A Candle Making Legacy

Candles for Royalty, Presidents and Prime Ministers

Cire Trudon Illustration
Artwork by Lawrence Mynott via Cire Trudon

For centuries, French society has been defined by its tumultuous political and cultural upheaval and subsequent rebuilding.

Incredibly, through these periods of destruction and rebirth, the Trudon name has continued to endure.

Cire Trudon Candle with Flowers
All Images via Cire Trudon

Considered France’s oldest remaining candle maker, Cire Trudon continues to carry on the legacy of handcrafting candles fit for a royal palace. Their process is steeped in hundreds of years of traditional French wax craft.

This legacy has provided the brand with unmatched expertise in every step of producing a candle in their Normandy-based workshop including perfuming, preparing and pouring the wax.

Wax Pouring Cire Trudon Candles
Cutting the Wick of a Cire Trudon Candle

Further building on the tradition and artistry involved in their candle creation, these skillfully crafted candles are housed in elegant glass vessels hand-blown in Tuscany, Italy. These vessels are adorned with the brand’s dignified emblem which features and honors the bees that produce their wax.

Crafting the Glass Vessel of a Cire Trudon Candle
Preparing the Label of a Cire Trudon Candle

Over a century ago, candles were seen first as a source of light before anything else. Contemporarily, a candle’s scent is now seen as its most attractive feature. In this regard, Cire Trudon delivers at the highest level.

Gallery of Scents of Cire Trudon Candles

When lit, as a smokeless flame slowly and steadily melts the concentrated, long-lasting candle. Its fragrances, tested and perfected in collaboration with world-class perfumers, effortlessly fill the room.

Solis Rex

Inspired by the elaborate parquetry of Château de Versailles’s famous Hall of Mirrors, this regal perfume radiates vapours of wax, candelabra and palace. A sumptuous trail of incense weaves through a tapestry of coniferous trees, cut with solar rays of citrus fruits.


Wrapped in citrus and wood barks, the orange blossom weaves a painter’s dream from which escapes the pale curl of smoke from a narghile. Like an orientalist painting, furiously romantic, the vigorous scent of the wild juniper and the solar splinter of citrus fruits spring out like a thin steel blade in silky shadow of vanilla.

Spiritus Sancti

Splinters of crimson, gold and olibanum, heady and holy perfume of altar candles, luxurious wake of the senses and perfume-burners where amber splutters : under the nave of a cathedral, the jubilant choir and the holy scents rise into the souls.

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