Basketry from the Hills of Arta

In northeast Mallorca lies Arta, a small village nestled between lush mountains and the Balearic Sea.

Centuries-old olive trees speckle this region – the perfect material for the traditional basketry practiced by its residents. Sharing the hillside with Es Racó d’Artà, a serene countryside retreat, Daniela Gregis pursues the art of basket weaving in her own way – with an approach as poetic and meditative as her surroundings.

The entirely hand-hewn process begins in late fall, when Daniela and her team harvest olive branches and palm leaves from nearby groves. The boughs are bent into the shape of the basket, referred to as the “rib cage”, while the materials are still green and pliable. Smaller reeds and sprigs are tightly woven through each rib to create the walls. The repetitive, contemplative motion takes patience and time to perfect – and ensures that no two baskets are quite the same.

Just a short way from the quiet grounds of Es Racó d’Artà are the winding streets and narrow alleys of Arta itself. A stroll through this charming, medieval town reveals a wealth of artisan knowledge – its citizens have been crafting ceramics, clothing and basketry by hand since the 13th century. Surrounded by this dedication to craft, is it any wonder Daniela chooses to make her pieces the same way?

The beauty of these baskets is only matched by their utility. Not just intended for decoration, each can handily carry fresh produce from the farmer’s market, foraged berries or even a picnic lunch. The presence of the handmade makes using these baskets precious, inviting Daniela’s meditative inspiration into the everyday.

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