New Golden Goose Sneakers

When: June 28, 2019

New Golden Goose Sneakers are now online! New pieces are in colors of Blue/Ice, White/Gold, and Camouflage Superstar Sneakers in Coffee.

Golden Goose sneakers were some of the first deliberately scuffed sneakers to appear on the market in 2000, starting a trend and cultivating a cult following. Created by two Venetian designers and fashion newcomers, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, Golden Goose has gone above and beyond in producing innovative and spirited products inspired by the combination of modern and vintage style.

Golden Goose embraces the idea that the ‘worn’ quality of their shoes conveys a message that the sneakers have been on a well-loved journey, encouraging the owner to keep exploring. Today the brand has expanded this feeling to encompass an entire lifestyle concept, offering a collection that includes ready to wear, accessories and footwear, combining a refined and modern style with a vintage aesthetic, all supported by the strong Italian sartorial tradition.

The sneakers epitomize all of Golden Goose’s core qualities, encapsulating their values and ideals: products with no limits in time and space that are designed for people who are passionate, those who support dreams and discoveries and those who are curious and always open to new frontiers. While these sneakers may look distressed, the creative statement doesn’t sacrifice a high-quality level of material and craftsmanship. The shoes are all hand-finished by Italian artisans and the leather is as soft as butter, giving the feet a truly luxurious experience sans the pain of breaking in new shoes.


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