Different Textures of Shi Cashmere

When: January 22, 2018

Shi Cashmere Spring/Summer 2018

New pieces from the Shi Cashmere Spring/Summer 2018 collection are available online. The oversized and simple geometric shapes combined with use of minimal yet distinct textiles, have become a signature for the brand. This season is no exception, with materials such as breathable linen, distressed cotton denim, and textured polyester.

This season uses a simple and approachable palette of white, black, natural beige, indigo blue, pastel pink, and powder blue. The usual smooth textiles such as woven linen are uses in the round neck tops. However, we also received two pieces with new textures. The “window” textile has two layers of fabric embroidered together, with the top layer cut to create alternating panels that open and close freely. The other texture, used in a pair of pants, is a blue cotton denim weave with small distressed patterns, almost resembling speckles.

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