Bertozzi New Arrivals

When: August 8, 2020

Dishware and linens are the canvas upon which we create our own art through the medium of good food and good company. Perhaps no one understands this more deeply than Stamperia Bertozzi. This three-generation Italian family business has specialized in block printed linens and Limoges porcelain dishware since 1920. Using an authentic Italian Renaissance technique of carving pear-tree wood blocks and a secret family recipe of natural vegetable dyes, they have built a following of international tastemakers in the world of design. Their dish ware collection is completely customized according to each store in which Bertozzi is found. The result is a unique collection that varies from location to location– something that can only be made possible by the most skilled craftspeople.

Founded in 1920, Bertozzi now employs a collective of more than 20 artisans for their completely hand made process. Pear-tree wood blocks are hand chiseled to create distinctly unique, sophisticated and playful motifs using traditional Italian block-print techniques dating back hundreds of years. Through continuous research and experimentation, Bertozzi has expanded over time to print on different materials, including hand-built porcelain pieces. The best Limoges materials are the basis for their sturdy but modern designs.

Situated in the northern hills of Italy near the Adriatic Sea, the Bertozzi workshop in Gambettola addresses environmental sustainability and innovation by utilizing renewable energies. They also design their production to follow a made-to-order system, eliminating the excess waste of overstock products. Fabrics are treated with eco-friendly processes and research in environmentally friendly dyes is constantly carried out. Bertozzi also developed an exclusive technology to set the printed colors using only eco-friendly steam power. This integrity in design is palpable from Bertozzi, imbuing their earthy and exquisite products with a simple yet refined touch.

New pieces from Bertozzi are available in-store and online at Wild Life!

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