Year of the Dragon

This January marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, a much anticipated cycle in the storied Chinese Zodiac. Representing luck, tenacity and courage, the dragon is a powerful creature in Eastern mythology – inspiring fierceness and fire.

2024 is specifically representative of the “wood dragon.” Wood is an earthy element associated with growth and expansion, heralding new life and adventure to come. How fortuitous that Uma Wang’s Pre-Spring arrived in time to mark the Lunar New Year. With this delivery, she inspires a bit of the dragon in us all.

Rendered largely in cotton and vegetable silk, Uma focuses her creative energy on prints and textile in this capsule presentation. The core designs of the collection are pictographic prints that are then cold-dyed over to create a modeled, fresco-like patina. Slender dragons curl across the dresses and shawls, whose fabric was created for Uma by the impeccable House of Lyria studio in Prato, Italy. Several favorite garment styles make a reappearance with this collection, including the Katja jacket, the Tina tee and the Agina dress.

As you forge your path into the new year, we hope you do so with the same power and ingenuity found within Uma’s artistry. Boundless creativity such as hers drives us all forward, both aesthetically and intellectually. It is a pleasure to explore her works and discover the beauty possible at the intersection of genius, design, fierceness and fire.

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