Welcoming Fall

With deliveries reaching us from Milan, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and beyond we find a renewed love for the season, our designers and what we do here at the stores. In between exploring these new textures and textiles, we’d like to share our thoughts as we move into fall. 

What is pre-fall?
Pre-fall is dedicated to the core styles for a designer. These are their best, most tested designs. They tend to be lighter weight, year-round clothes that should not be overlooked. 

What can we look forward to?
The color palette explodes exponentially, allowing us almost infinite possibilities. Silk, cashmere, baby alpaca and virgin wool, all cold weather textiles, tend to dye in much richer ways than the linens and cottons of spring. 

What is most important for this season?
If you are really looking for the best pieces – and we recommend this to everyone… fewer and more high-quality additions to your closet is the goal – then don’t get caught up in the timing of weather. The best coats could arrive in early September and the best tee-shirts could come in mid-November. 

What brings inspiration?
The possibility of change always inspires – and even more so: taking steps towards change. As humans we are always seeking meaning in the world around us and those new thoughts, new beliefs, new priorities need to be recognized and put into practice in many ways. And fall is ripe with this opportunity – to redefine the self, whether through dress or other ways, and to drive that new change into the world around us. 

In fashion and home, pre-fall and fall are seasons for the artist in all of us. The necessity of layering encourages us to think more about the interplay of color, texture and design. It’s a bit like painting, to build up different elements and present your own composition. 

This is the time where the quality of the materials delivers us the most unique textures. And the more handcrafted the piece, the more tactility and excitement emerge from the landscape of your layers. Like all great artists, these elements are reflected in how we perceive and influence the world. Even past how we dress, the opportunity for renewal allows us to discover our best selves. 

We look forward to sharing more inspiration as the season unfolds.

Shobhan & the Team

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