The Wistful Wanderer

Bergfabel Spring/ Summer 2024. Explore the dreamy, nostalgic vision of designer Klaus Plank, rendered in fine linen and crisp Japanese cotton. This delivery is particularly lighthearted, defined by pastels such as Water, Almond and Melon, as well as a handful of dark chocolate-colored jackets and pants.

A rustling breeze through lush alpine grass, smooth cobblestones beneath soft leather shoes, the scent of baking bread and strong espresso as you wander down to the market… This is the dreamy vision spun by designer Klaus Plank and his partner, Barbara Cavalli. Within their small studio in South Tyrol, the two craft Bergfabel – a distinctly Italian line that merges the contemporary with the nostalgic.

Rendered in fine linen and crisp Japanese cotton, this delivery is defined by pastels such as Water, Almond and Melon. The sweetness of this palette is tempered by the inclusion of dark, chocolate-colored pants and jackets. While Klaus and Barbara typically opt for a relaxed body in their shirting, the overall collection skews fitted.

Tucked within every Bergfabel garment is a small sachet of lavender. This tangible memento calls back to Klaus’s childhood – his mother often hung similar pouches among her clothing as part scent, part natural moth protection. Today, Klaus harvests the lavender from the same home garden his mother once did. The buds are gathered within a small piece of scrap fabric from the production of the collection. A little piece of South Tyrol, press on the sachet for a brief herbal escape or stow within your wardrobe as a pleasurable aegis.

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