The Core of Sustainability

A look at Trippen’s Spring/ Summer 2024 and the brand’s ethos on sustainability. This season centers on sandal and shoe styles in wine, siena and anis blue leather, in addition to the brand’s signature black colorways.

In Trippen’s Spring/Summer 2024 lookbook, the German label draws a connection between the scrabbled marble quarries of Carrara and its studio’s own use of the Earth’s resources. Carrara marble has long been twinned with the history of fine art – its creamy white finish can be found in sculpture and architecture around the world. Though the creativity fueled by this material has been breathtaking and important, Carrara itself has been mined to bits. This balance between creation and destruction turns Trippen pensive – what does it mean to create beautiful things without harming the source?

Since day one, founders Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler have felt a responsibility to the earth, tweaking their supply chain and production to be as sustainable as possible. Alongside designer Claudia Hoess, their ultimate aim as a studio is to design “circular” pieces that not only last a lifetime, but are made from environmentally sensitive sources to begin with.

Trippen secures their leathers from a longstanding partner in Tuscany. The materials are tanned exclusively with vegetables – a process that produces little chemical effect and allows the material to patina naturally. Instead of harmful, industrial adhesives in their work, they opt to use water-based glue or hand-stitch their soles.

The designs prioritize durability and resilience – each pair is intended to be repaired and resoled as needed. This is one of the many things we adore about Trippen. To wear something made with such reverence to its source and materials is to forge a deeper connection to the earth. Practices like this are much more difficult than the convenience afforded by modern means – and in our opinion, much more rewarding. May we all feel so committed as we step forward into the future.

The earth bears many fruits, and new things always arise from the core.
Nature’s dynamic forces bring forth infinite creativity.
May we use them wisely.
May we return more than we take.

– The Trippen SS24 Lookbook

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