The Best Trippen Styles for Winter

Waw leather and elevated soles are well suited for winter, regardless of the climate. Whether you enjoy wedge boots, a platform sole, or something only slightly raised, there is a pair of Trippen that is perfect for you.

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The Splitt Sole

The Splitt sole is a wedge that has a slight heel. With a practical height of roughly 2.3 inches, they remain suitable for autumn and winter. The gaps in the sole create increased flexibility and the grained texture provides a good grip, and Trippen has stated that this was inspired by the loose chippings used as road surfacing in winter.

The Splitt sole comes in a variety of styles that vary in height on the ankle. The combat boot is reinvented in styles like the van bootie, which features lace-front details. The shorter, quilted ankle of the pad shoe is a unique nod at the stitching on puffer coats. Overall, the silhouette of the wedge sole adds a bit of sophistication while still maintaining the experimental edge that Trippen is well known for.

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The Katmandu, Profil and Trace Sole

Some of the best Trippen styles for winter are their modestly raised platforms. The Katmandu sole rests on a subtle elevation and has a textured face for a stable grip. It is utilized in their winter styles most often, making the lace-front alpin shoe a comfortable alternative to your run-of-the-mill winter boots. The slightly raised platform will keep your feet dry no matter the terrain. Similarly, the Profil sole was designed with stability and function in mind, as it was created to provide support to the back.

The Trace sole is Trippen’s newest addition to the styles they offer. It is made from a rubber consisting of up to 30% of recycled materials from production leftovers. Featuring a textured face as well, footwear like the sprint shoe are comfortable and stable enough to be worn in all weather patterns.

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