Stones with a Wild Soul

Eschewing a solely monochrome approach, Miranda Hicks has introduced pops of color into her collection without sacrificing her signature edge.

Druzy pink quartz, soft prehnite, tangy tourmaline and tawny Mexican opal peek out from her angular sterling silver bezels.

In creating her body of work, Miranda seeks out stones with a wild soul. Organic and unexpected, her jewels hold fast to their geologic origins. Rather than facet or buff the rough edges of a gem to make it easier to work with, Miranda manipulates the metals and arrangements to best suit each stone’s natural character. There is a power inherent to this kind of jewelry-making – distilling the essence of the earth into something not just wearable, but directly connected to the landscape at large.

Her pieces are distinctive, informed by centuries of aesthetic influence in and around the Southwest. In particular, the history of indigenous silversmithing in this region is central to her designs. By twisting and burnishing the precious metal, and then combining it with her unexpected, hand-picked stones, Miranda breathes a fresh, contemporary life into adornment for an everyday look.

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