Stamperia Bertozzi: 100 Years

Over the course of one hundred years, Stamperia Bertozzi has flourished at the hands of three generations, and solidified the foundation of their family legacy. Exquisite in its subtle opulence, each piece they create is fused with rustic traditionalism. Their products are a testament to meticulous handmade luxury, steeped in history, skillful artisanship and sustainable practice that is sure to enchant many for years to come.

stamperia bertozzi
The engraving of pear wood stamping blocks at Largo Maestri 50, Gambettola via Facebook

The Stamperia Bertozzi legacy began with Luigi Bertozzi. Originally a cabinet maker, Luigi discovered his innate artistic talent and used his wood carving skills to chisel traditional motifs into hard pear wood blocks. Opening his business in 1920, he began creating hand printed designs on help linens for bridal trousseaus. Stamperia Bertozzi quickly became known for the revitalization of traditional designs and their unique color. The recipes for Bertozzi’s striking colors are family heirlooms, one of their best kept secrets that are impossible to replicate. This unfailing quality in color has remained one of Bertozzi’s most important aspects of production.

Pier Paolo, Luigi’s son, took over his father’s business in the 1960’s. His organization streamlined the making of their goods, added trained and specialized personnel, which helped to clear the way for research and design within the company. 

Today, Gianluigi Bertozzi, son of Pier Paolo, operates the stamperia as a third generation owner. Gianlugi is an architect and artist who proudly followed family tradition while implementing innovative ideas in design and materials. His technical inventions have propelled the family business into the global market, allowing for an expansion into printing on new materials with new motifs. 

stamperia bertozzi
A glimpse of the Bertozzi stamp archive via Stamperia Bertozzi

For a century now, Bertozzi has curated an archive of over 1,000 motifs that can be used in endless combinations to suit any style. From traditional to classic and contemporary, each design is painstakingly hand-chiseled by the skilled artisans at the stamperia. The handmade process inherent in their workflow is deeply personal has been integral to every step since day one. Each item produced in the workroom is created with the gusto and personality of the individual artisan. Every motif is transferred manually, and because of this, when holding a finished item from Stamperia Bertozzi, the spirit is apparent.

“Every time the hammer slowly hits the stamp, not only is the image imprinted but so is our story.” 

Gianluigi (Gigi) Bertozzi

Because of their dedication to zero waste practices, family tradition, and handmade excellence, we are excited to celebrate their hundredth anniversary this year, and congratulate them on their work for many decades to come.

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