Sophie Hong: Exploring the World’s Ancient Fabrics

In Sophie Hong’s last exhibition — a celebratory feat held at La Piscine Roubaix Museum in Northern France — she described her work as “clothes for the soul.”

Sophie Hong

The exhibition focused on her materials and the patient process of turning mulberry leaves into richly dyed mud silks.

Sophie Hong creates her collections to bridge the gap between inner being and outer presentation.

Her specialty, typically dark brown, green and black pieces that have been expertly cut and studded with glass and pearl buttons, are joined in her latest collection by a selection of flowing, shibori-dyed silks.

Sophie Hong

Raw Silk Indigo Shibori Shirt
– A-line shape that can be worn open
– Hand-dyed with a light texture
– Double collar beaded with pearl

Blue Silk Organza Shirt
– Tightly woven silk with a light shine
– Shorter cut for defining shape
– Mud silk details along edge of fabric

Sophie Hong
Sophie Hong

Highly Fitted Mud Silk Short Jacket
– Slim fit through shoulders and waist
– Double collar with inset yoke
– Wear with a rolled or straight cuff

New Tunic Dress Design
– Special textural, mini pleat fabric
– Beautifully curved slits in hem
– Can be worn with open or closed collar

Sophie Hong
Sophie Hong

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