Rundholz DIP: Contemporary Comfort

Bright, vibrant palettes, oversized, casual silhouettes and a generous amount of fun and lightheartedness defines spring 2023’s collection from Rundholz DIP.

Rundholz DIP

Typically presenting the more experimental and offbeat designs of the three Rundholz lines, Carsten Rundholz and his wife Lenka adopt a variety of influences in DIP, from streetwear to unconventional production techniques.

However, for this season’s collection, the fabrics, cuts and dyes all point to athleisure inspired garments developed with an avant-garde edge.

Rundholz DIP

Ideal for transitional dress for spring, cozy zip-up sweaters come with short sleeves while pullovers are cropped to lend a feeling of brevity.

Tops come in laid-back, oversized fits as well as longline cuts below the waist in a refreshingly light weight.

With these shirts and sweaters complimented by a pair of simple, soft pants ready for going out or staying in, the collection is colored in warm finishes of oranges, reds and yellows accompanied by light neutrals.

Rundholz DIP

As expected, Carsten and Lenka have delivered the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe during the warming temperatures and gusts and rains of spring.

With one eye on the ever sought-after comfort of athletic-inspired, easy garments, and the other on cutting-edge design, Rundholz DIP’s newest collection shares straightforward, artistically-minded clothing that is both timeless and well made.

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