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Exuberant Expressionism

Replika Scarf Texture

As Spring rekindles creativity in Santa Fe, we explored the intersection where art meets summer classics. Washed silks and cottons from Daniela Gregis and hand-painted linens from Replika add a splash of color. Paired with Peter O. Mahler’s modern-with-a-twist stretch linen pants and the elements come together for a composition fresh and creative

Replika Scarf
Left: Replika Scarf and Peter O Mahler Sweater, Right: Peter O Mahler Linen Culottes
Peter O Mahler Culottes in Black and Khaki
Left: Peter O Mahler Sweater in Grey, Right: Replika Duster
Replika Scarf Texture Paint Splatter
Left: Peter O Mahler Red Linen Culottes, Right: Peter O Mahler Cashmere Sweater
Left: Peter O Mahler Navy Sweater, Right: Cotton/ Linen Striped Pants in Navy
Peter O Mahler Linen Pants
Replika Clothing Texture
Left: Linen Patchwork Duster in Blue, Right: Peter O Mahler Stretch Linen Wide Leg Pants in Shell
Left Replika: Linen Splatter Print Drawstring Skirt in Blue, Right: Replika Linen Splatter Print Rectangle Scarf in Blue