Perfect Imperfection

Golden Goose sprang from the desire to create sustainable, authentic footwear free of self-doubt. To achieve this, designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo live and create by the motto “perfect imperfection.”

Each pair of shoes they design is shaped carefully, informed by generations of Italian craftsmanship. The process is tight, measured and precise… before being meticulously razed by the Golden Goose team to achieve a lived-in patina. In our first delivery for spring, find this ethos in spades, in denim, cherry red and glitter galore.

For Francesca and Allessandro, life is far from perfect… and that is just the way it should be. Scuffs, scores, tears in the fabric – what might be considered the damage of daily wear is celebrated by Golden Goose as a piece’s individual character and story. In pursuing anti-perfection, their designs focus on the little things. There may be a scrawl of writing on the upper of one shoe, an almost-invisible raised stitch on another. The intentionality to detail is what truly breathes life into each shoe and makes them a pleasure to wear.

“Injecting life in what we do gives space and a stage to everyone’s story.”

– Francesca & Alessandro

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