One-of-a-Kind: Ram Rijal

Ram Rijal

To be one-of-a-kind is to have an undeniable rarity. Often, it has a central material that demands a unique and entirely specific design approach by the artist. It is unequaled, unprecedented and unlikely to be found or seen in the same form again.

Ram Rijal

Ram Rijal, a London-based goldsmith, crafts modern, unique jewelry inspired by ancient design. Having gotten his start working for Pippa Small, Ram worked for many jewelry designers before striking out on his own. His work is carried primarily by small galleries throughout Europe and Harrod’s in London. Unique pieces, like his Black Diamond Triangle Ring, are imbued with a timeless style. Known for his use of diamonds and gemstones set in 22K gold, Ram infuses his work with a history of beauty that knows no borders.

Especially in a time of quarantines and distance, jewelry remains a mark of celebration, a token of affection, a symbol of memories. Ram’s pieces are fundamentally simple. The art is in his hand: how he balances the shape of the shank with the bezel, his choice of curved or angular details, the fine or heavy touches of gold. It is through delicate design like this that we find beauty in simple living.

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