Mirth & Memory

In detailing the influences of Péro’s latest collection, designer Aneeth Arora points to the storied practice of Oshibana.

This time-honored method to preserve nature dates back to 16th century Japan, where artists would flatten and dry flowers and leaves to use as an expressive medium. It spread quickly through the eastern and western worlds, today most often found in the pressing of flora between the pages of a book. Aneeth describes the act as a “keeper of memory” – a term akin to the way Péro presents their own work.

Aneeth’s design intuition feels deeply nostalgic. Sentiment echoes within the garments, notable in the precious, hand-stamped buttons, big lapels and lacy embroidery across a haberdashery of vintage plaids and stripes. Teal and turquoise dominate the palette, with pops of cherry red for contrast.

In classic Péro fashion, Aneeth and her team play in the groovy waters of the 70s without being sucked into kitsch – smart cuts and exquisite craftsmanship keep the pieces feeling playful and contemporary.

In many ways, Aneeth is practicing her own form of Oshibana, both in her gauzy floral motifs and her stylistic nods to the past. Dressing is by no means isolated. The way we choose to present ourselves is both a challenge and a pleasure – informed by a history far beyond any single garment. And in the world of Péro, that challenge is faced with a big smile and a cheeky wink.

“Memory is the mother of all wisdom.” 

— Aeschylus

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