Mieko Mintz: Rekindling a Free Spirit

A red, pink and lavender purple Mieko Mintz scarf with a Gilda Midani top and Miranda Hicks jewelry.

Change has rekindled a free spirit. Pushing through creative boundaries we mix Kyushu-born Mieko Mintz with Taos jewelry designer Miranda Hicks and layer it over Brazilian hand-dyed Gilda Midani linens. The mix is part bohemian, part edgy. This feeling tied in with a reemergence of the natural world and the attitude insisting on a new, better state of being. Explore a global blend from three inspiring women designers whose work is relevant around the world.

Mieko Mintz Jackets in Red and Black
Mieko Mintz Jackets in Red and Black

“As a pianist uses a piano to compose beautiful music, so does Mieko use Kantha to compose beautiful clothing.”

Purple and Red Floral Mieko Mintz scarf with Navy Blue Gilda Midani and Miranda Hicks Jewelry
Blue and Green Mieko Mintz Jacket and Scarf
Blue and Turquoise Mieko Mintz Jacket and Scarf with Gilda Midani and Officine Creative
Magenta Pink and Purple Mieko Mintz scarf with Gilda Midani
Pink and Red Mieko Mintz Jacket and Kimono
Red and Orange Mieko Mintz Jackets

Miranda Hicks

Miranda Hicks exemplifies contemporary American jewelry. Hailing from Taos, New Mexico, Miranda has long been inspired by the history of Native American jewelry and Southwest silversmithing embedded in the community there. From her integration of raw materials to handmade chains, her work has been lauded by women from all walks of life. Miranda crafts exceptionally bohemian pieces that function well on their own or layered for a more free-spirited look.

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