Learning from Sacai, Spring 2019

Sacai Sandals and Jeans Spring 2019

Sacai’s new spring collection is an amalgam of deconstructed staple pieces that reference numerous styles. Chitose Abe is a master of redefining classic shapes into a hybridization of elements that don’t seem to belong together within one garment. The new collection challenges our perception of what has come before and what can come next. Thanks to Sacai, we are able to experience unimaginable possibilities through fashion, giving us priceless amounts of inspiration for 2019 and beyond.

Sacai Shirt and Skirt Spring 2019

Chitose’s perpetual goal is to create something that doesn’t yet exist. While being worn, the garments are like a mirage. They appear to be one thing but suddenly reveal themselves as another, sometimes resisting obvious classification altogether. This collection is a host of garments that magically transform from left to right: jackets with drastically different sleeves, layers of plaids and stripes with abstract floral patterns on top of pleats of varying sizes, along with stark whites, flowing black ribbons, lace trims, and chunky hardware. The collection is a dissection of classic prep, military, and streetwear shapes. The asymmetrically cascading fabrics unite with unexpected pattern-mixing and layerings connected by zippers, to produce vivid color-blocking and mystery regarding where one garment ends and another begins.

Sacai Jean Spring 2019

As usual, Sacai has us rethinking the usual algorithm for getting dressed. We have received some new pieces from the spring collection, and we can’t wait to share the excitement and unconventional beauty.

Sacai Print Spring 2019


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